Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Welcome to Samui!

You know those jaw dropping moments where you are in so much awe and amazement and there are just no words to explain your feelings?  Yes?  I see you nodding.  Good.  Because I had one of those when I arrived at the Absolute Sanctuary.  Whoever put this place together definitely had me in mind and knew that I would end up here at some point in my life.

Allow me to rewind a little bit.  

 My view from the plane before landing.  Hello, islands!

We landed in Kho Samui airport 50 minutes after we had left Bangkok and I was full and happy with the special Asian vegetarian meal I had onboard.  Their airport is the prettiest.  Nothing like the conventional airports.  This one was open and breezy and looked like one giant native hut.  The sanctuary arranged for my airport pick up so I was headed to the resort soon after I had gotten my luggage.

 Samui runway, with the view of the mountains in the far end.

 Welcome to Koh Samui!

The car ride was quick and my driver was a very friendly and helpful man.  I remember him quickly making a note of the bags I had and made a comment: "Little girl but too big luggage!"  Yes, I am not a fan of packing light and I do like maximizing my baggage allowance.  Checking in was a breeze and they helped me with my belongings up to the room.

View of the Jungle Room, pool and Love Kitchen from my balcony.

 More rooms. The one I am in is on the second floor.

 My bedroom and the free bed that will belong to my roommate who arrives tomorrow. I hope she's nice.

 The toilet and sink. And the beautiful hand painted tree that you see everywhere around the resort.

My shower, with organic bath stuff. Yay!

I love my room and everything in it.  I think I would have wanted a bigger bed but I really cannot complain since I do not move so much in my sleep anyway.  The balcony is beautiful and I look forward to watching the Samui sunrise on those days that I will be waking up early. 

I had told myself to rest, relax and enjoy the resort for the rest of the day but after seeing the hot room, the yogini in me decided to ditch that R&R and go sweat it out in the Jungle studio instead.  

On my way out, I met my first friend.  Her name is Julie, a very pretty American lady and she came to the resort a day earlier than me.  I stayed to chat for a bit and met Harreson, too.  He is going to be one of my teachers at training.  I was extra happy when he invited me and Julie  to help him out teach a kids yoga class at a school in town tomorrow.  I have always wanted to teach kids yoga.   And pre and post-natal yoga too.

Lounging by the pool with Julie.

I took Jana's 6:00pm hot yoga class and it was great.  It had been a while since the last time I practiced so I was really excited for it.  We were a lot at class.  It looked really pretty too, as we were of different colors and races, like a United Colors of Benetton ad for hot yoga.  I should have taken a photo, really, and I already have kicked myself several times in the bum for not doing so.  I savored every bit of my savasana, as I listened to the sound of the crickets chirping and the rustling sound of the leaves against the wind.  It was beautiful, I actually teared.  

I had a good salad dinner at the Love Kitchen while talking to my Mom on Skype.  It was nice and windy and the rain eventually followed after my meal.  I was lent an umbrella to make it back to my room, safe and dry.  God bless that good waiter, I will get his name in the morning and thank him again.

I spent the rest of my night unpacking my things, Skype-dating, fixing this blog and psyching myself up for the next couple of weeks to come.  I am ready for this and I am going to do awesome.  I know it.

Coincidentally, I read a beautiful reminder from Manduka today and it goes, “Today we practice shifting - because staying happy requires not really staying anywhere at all.”  How very fitting, I think, with all the moving around that I have been doing the last few weeks.  Tonight, I will fall asleep a happy little yogini, because despite being miles away from home, I know I brought my lucky stars with me. 

Goodnight for now, world!  Rest well and have the sweetest of dreams.


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  1. aisa!! you are living the life! i'm so happy for you, this is waaaay better than LA! congratulations and good luck on your journey! :) sorry i wasn't able to meet you before you left :( got a lot of catching up to do when you get back!

    btw, i also just started a blog haha follow me! :)