Monday, June 06, 2011

A Strained Knee and a Refreshed Soul

Days 4 and 5.

My days are flying by so much faster than I thought, although it must be like this because I am so busy.  I just realized I have not brushed my hair in two days.  Mom, I know what you are thinking, “Oh no, I wonder what else she has forgotten to do!”  Do not worry, all other essentials are in place, and I have been drinking my vitamins.

Good morning, Samui!

It makes me sad that Philosophy classes are actually done and I officially change my mind about these lectures.  I started to love them, as the discussions grew closer to our present time.  Naturally, things made more sense, not to mention the names sounded so much more familiar.  I could even spell and pronounce words this time.  I loved it.  My teacher has planted seeds of interest in Yoga Philosophy and I will find time to nurture them in this lifetime.  

I also wish we had more time to learn about the Gita. 

My teacher, Rachel.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing yourself with us the last few days.  You have a good heart and a gentle soul and I hope you continue to spread your knowledge and love for yoga and all things to everyone.  May you always be happy and free.

Fever is gone and my sore throat and colds have passed.  Zithromax is the bomb!  Say it with me, friends.  “Azithromycin is the generic name of Zithromax.”

Moving on.

We got the first practice teaching session over and done with yesterday.  Nerve wracking.  I cannot explain why.  I have danced in front of big audiences many times before and have played in piano recitals with royalties on the front row.  But this?  WOW.  I have no words.  Good thing I wore loose fisherman’s pants, which I was so close to peeing on, so no one could see how much my knees were trembling.  The immutable law of the universe also allowed me to go ahead of everyone.  What luck!  Side note.  Never gasp, be surprised or do anything to call attention to yourself at Yoga Lab because Jeanne will see or hear you and will make you go first.  Jeanne to students:  "Ok guys, group 7 goes first."  (I belong to that group.)  Aisa gasps.  Jeanne to Aisa:  "Wonderful!  Now Aisa can go first."

I remember taking a deep breath and before I even realized I had started speaking, I was done.  I was done with beautiful module #1.  I would like to think I did better than I expected.  It took me another three quarters of an hour to get over the shaking knees and by then, class was already over.  I grabbed my mobile and sent an SMS to Ryan (yoga teacher/business partner/big brother) back home.  “Kicked ass at Half Moon!  Now I need a beer.  I miss you!”  And I really do miss him.  I miss invading his desk in the studio office so early in the morning with my clutter and our talks over some of his homemade chai tea latte. 

"I love practice teaching. You love practice teaching. We all love practice teaching!"  Oh yes we do!

Watching Eve go through Half Moon from the back of the gallery.

Scary corner where the "judges" sat.

More important points and realizations from Philosophy lectures and the two days of yoga classes:

1.  We all pray to different gods because we have different religions, beliefs and principles.  If you ask me, it is just one and the SAME God, just the many different faces of God.  I would like to believe that He has many faces, the same way He shows his love for us in many different ways.

2.  The 8 Fold Path simplifies my beliefs in my own religion.   Sometimes, I lose faith in the Catholic Church because of all its disorganized complexities.  There are too many of those "You cannot do this.  You cannot do that.  This is how you should live your life.  These are the things that you should believe in”.  When in reality, everything just boils down to LOVE, as simple as that.  Now I have something to look back to, something that will be a reminder of what God wants of me: to be a better person and to live a better life.

*** These are MY thoughts, MY realizations, MY blog.  If I happen to offend someone with what I write, I apologize, sincerely.  You can stop reading, go read another blog, or better yet, make your own!  Thanks.

3.  If you suck your stomach in really, really tight at Padahastasana, you can actually still stretch much further even if your knees are already locked.  I am so happy I discovered this at class.  Thank you, John.  (I also promise to use your "Those are lanky arms, sister!" to correct someone in the future.)

4.  When I say “Namaste”, I bow to the divinity within you.  Namaste.

5.  It is not about feeling good.  It is about feeling right.

6.  People who leave the hot room in the middle of class annoy me at so many levels.  I need to learn to let this one go. 

7.  Anger does not solve anything.  So again, just let it go!  Imagine how much happier you will be without having to lug around all that negative energy.

8.  When the situation calls for it, it is ok to cry and be soft.  My teacher Pim gave me a hug and reminded me of this after Savasana today.  It was very much my fault as I had pushed myself (knees and hips to be exact) a little too far.   Inconveniently, I strained my right knee and more out of frustration rather than pain, I ended up in tears after class.  It was one of those “And this happens NOW?” and “Is this for real?” moments, when you just want to kick yourself.  I played soccer and Ultimate almost half of my life, so little injuries, such as this one, are nothing new.  I can deal with strained knees after training, just not while I am in it.  But as I constantly remind myself, “You just have to let it go.”    

9.  “This too shall pass.” – My knee will get better and all the nerves, confusion and over soaked sponginess will go away.  The dialogue will be imbedded in my brain, that I can say it in my sleep.

10.  I can do this, you can do this, we ALL can do this!  Sorry, only TT folks will be able to relate.

Absolute Yoga.

"What is to give light, must endure burning."

Paulina.  Such a sweet soul.  She also is a hair dresser and drives a Harley.

Trev is an angel.  He lent me knee supports to use the next couple of days and gave me this wonderful Glucosamine gel that works wonders.  Thank you, Trev!  You are such a darling.

This is home for the next 4 weeks.

I love the Sanctuary and the people here.  It radiates with so much love and positive energy.  I wish the whole world can be like this.  Imagine what a beautiful world that will be!  And unlimited mangosteens during meals?  I cannot ask for more.  It has only been a few days and already, it feels like home.

I will rest now and head off to slumber.

Goodnight, Samui!  See you in the morning.


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