Friday, June 03, 2011

An Over Soaked Sponge

Day 2.

Training officially started today and yes, my brain feels like an over soaked sponge.  I cannot stop thinking about Philosophy class and how it made my brain feel extra heavy, though it could also be all this snot (sorry, I mean mucus) that is currently being conjured inside my head.  I am speaking of the common cold and I am wary that it might come down to something.  I know,  I know.  Not the best timing in the world and to think Tiger had given me a flu shot right before I left Manila.

I would be lying if I said the first day was all nice and dandy, but I also CANNOT say that I did not have fun doing everything that I did in the 16 hours that I was awake.  Because I did have fun.  A lot of it, actually.  My mind is running a marathon trying to remember the things that happened today.  It was like the Amazing Race, Teacher Training 7, Samui edition.  

This was my schedule today and the next few days will pretty much be like this too:

6:30am - Wake up, try to do your business (poop) but if not successful, try again after breakfast
7:30am - Breathing and cleansing exercises with Lucas (still trying to work on that business)
8:00am - Yoga class
9:45am - 3 minute shower to make it to breakfast before 10 
10:00am - Swallow your breakfast really quick and pray that you get to do your business before 10:30 lecture
10:30am - Philosophy lecture
1:00pm - Force feed yourself with lunch because you are not really hungry yet as breakfast was just a couple of hours ago (but you just have to eat because the next meal is still at 7pm)
2:00pm - Either another Philosophy lecture, yoga lab or practice teaching 
4:15pm - Yoga class
5:45pm - Enjoying savasana with beautiful nature sounds (today it was birds, not crickets, no tears this time)
6:00pm - Shower/rest/swim/Facebook/blog/hydrate/sleep
7:00pm - Dinner
8:00pm - TT7 (Teacher Training Batch 7) Family time (gather in the Jungle Room for discussions, tonight being the first night, was for our getting-to-know-you's)
10:00pm - Back to the room for night rituals, Skype-dating, blogging and some much needed sleep

I had 15 mangosteens, half a mango, dragon fruit and grapes for lunch today and they were glorious!

Only Thailand has mangosteen that taste like this.  Bless you, Thai people, for making it such a beautiful experience, with every single fruit I eat.

Oh and I finally have a roomie!  Meet Eve (I cannot pronounce her last name).  She is from Hungary, Budapest to be exact.  We both get bad allergies in the morning, enough to make us carry a bunch of tissues to class, and do not like the cold very much, so it looks like we will get along just fine.  I find it odd though, why she does not like sleeping with pillows.  Our friendship is only a day old so I am still quite shy to ask for her pillows (I am a pillow hog).  Maybe next week.

Eve and I in our balcony after class. 

I am particularly fond of Bree.  She is Canadian and very, very sweet.  She is 26 too and I think we are the youngest in the group.  Like me, she is obsessed over mangosteens and has a hearty appetite.  I just do not know where she puts all of the food she eats.  I like practicing beside her at class, so much strong and positive energy.

Bree at Family time.  All smiles for this one!

Trev stays in the room next to mine and Eve so we get to chat a lot.  He is so talented.  He can dance, sing, teach and bend his body in the coolest of ways that only yogis would understand.  I love how he brought his stuffed monkeys with him so he would not miss home so much.  I am not alone!  I had brought my small pillow with me too. 

Important note:  No one messes with my small pillow.

Trev and his monkeys.  Please do not kill me for posting this. 

Vicky is my new British friend and she is just adorable, I want to hug her every time I see her.  And I love listening to her speak, too.  I am so sure her classes will be awesome.  I think I always secretly wanted to be a Brit.  Such a lovely accent, they have.

Vicky and Eve at dinner. 

Dinner was awesome.  We had nori rolls with cashew paste and it reminded me of Flow weekend.  If you Flow-ers get to read this, I take all of you with me in this journey, too. 

Check out

Nori rolls.

Baked tomato somethings that were really good.


I taught Julie “holding toes” at Family time tonight. 

My holding toes.

 Julie's holding toes.

I dedicate both classes today to my yoga teachers back home:  Ryan, Dinah, Mae and Eunice.  I nailed Standing Head to Knee (on both sides, mind you) and I nailed them good!  You will be proud.  I was at class this morning, doing Trikonasana (no significance with the pose, the thought just came randomly) and I thought of all of you who constantly inspire me and make me want to be on the mat, inside that studio, everyday.  You believe in me and this just makes me want to do better.  My days are more meaningful when your classes are part of them.  You have also played a big role in my decision to come to Samui for training.  Trust that I will work on finding the best teacher in me, so I can start inspiring others, the way you have always inspired me.  And of course it comes without saying that I love all of you, from my fingertips, down to my heels.

So now your over soaked sponge has become a sleepy sponge.  As I get ready for bed, I thank Him for all the good that has come out of today: good classes, wonderful teachers, more new friends and my mangosteens.  I end today with a prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Thy angels watch me through the night,
And keep me safe till morning's light.

Goodnight, Samui!  Your little yogini is off to dreamland.



  1. Hahaha I just tried to do the "holding toes" with a total failure. My toes aren't very sexy.

  2. miss you aisa! thank you for your blog! keep it coming! hugs and kisses!