Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Machines

Day 18 and 19.

Another one of those beautiful 5am sunrises.

Colorful breakfast with my best friend these days, my teaching manual.

Information worth sharing from the above mentioned days:

1.  They are not FLABS.  They are just muscles that are not contracted.  No such thing as flabs.

2.  You cannot injure yourself by "locking" your knee.  The ones who do are the ones who do not do it right.  Locking the knee is the practice of engaging muscles around your knee to maintain stability for your legs.  People should really stop trash talking Hot Yoga with all the "you injure yourself by locking your knees".  Come on over.  We can teach you how to do it the right way. 

3.  70% of Asians have FAT calf muscles because we supposedly have FLAT feet.  Calves have to work more to provide much needed support for the feet and rest of the lower legs.

*Looks like I am one of the 30% because I have giant arches on the bottoms of my feet and my calf muscles are tiny that my sister makes fun of them.

4.  Mosquitos are attracted to those with an acidic diet.  Lesson:  If you do not want those mozzies to attack, lay off the beefies and porkies and switch to a more alkaline diet.  Love your fruits and vegetables.  Your body will love you for loving them.

*Do you know that mosquitos are also attracted to the color blue?

5.  For the average adult, our hearts beat 103,689 times in 24 hours.  

*Do you know that a hummingbird's heart can beat an amazing 1,360 beats per minute?

6.  Women have amazing strength for going through pregnancy and child birth.  How the body adapts to the formation of the baby in the womb is purely magical.  Men, respect your women.  And buy them chocolate and give them back rubs and foot massages when their pelvic bones are expanding.

7.  Our liver is the heaviest gland, weighing  a smashing 3.5 pounds! Lets take care of it.

8.  Ensuring our body is functioning at its utmost potential is the key to good health and wellness and nothing else but yoga can be the key to total health and wellness.  In conclusion, the whole world should be doing yoga.

Getting ready for Anatomy class.

 I love you, Paula.  You are a super mom!

Check out my new boy friend, Peter!

Helping Doris with her Half Moon.

 And now helping her with her Camel.

I have a huge...

 Share a shoulder, win a friend!  And start feeling up their deltoids.

I loved our Anatomy weekend.  The most important realization though, would definitely be that our true selves, our conscious selves, really do have sexy abs and sexy thighs like Trev.  Maybe even sexier.

Just kidding.

Important realization would be this, that our bodies are SUPER machines.  The capacity of our physical system to work is wonderful.  Amazing.  Intriguing.  Marvelous.  Breathtaking.  

God, You are a genius.  *High five!*

My lumbar strain is significantly better after two yoga classes today.  I sat around during backbends but tried to do most of the other postures in the series.  

Oh forward bends, how I love you so!  You give so much comfort and make my spine all nice and happy. 

Our Anatomy teacher told me yesterday to just keep it moving.  Mobility is the way to go.  And lengthening, too.  Lengthen.  Lengthen.  Lengthen and feel like I am 6 feet tall.  This is a work in progress and another test of my patience.  One of the other brighter sides of this injury:   I am used to unconsciously sitting with a hunched back, but now I am learning how to sit tall and long, with my back straight and chest lifted up.  This is the only sitting position that would be comfortable at the moment.  I am determined to keep this posture even when my strain is gone.

Today is Father's Day, for most parts of the world at least.  

Happy Father's Day and Happy Feast Day, Daddy!  I am missing you extra more today.  Know that I think about you and Mom all the time and want you to know that I am doing just fine over here.  No need for worries.  During Savasana at class this morning, my teacher said to offer class to a loved one and to send positive energy, love and light to that person, even if they are far away.  I hope you got them, Dad.  I sent over big hugs and kisses too.  You are the man in my life and will always be.  I love you!

My Dad and I.

I am ready for dinner now.  My stomach grumbles and I can smell the food from the Love Kitchen.

This was a great weekend.  I hope yours was too.

Your Little Yogini

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