Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Runny Nose and Those Happy Realizations

Day 3.

I woke up today, still with a nasty cold, so I ran to Pim's 7:30am class with a handful of Kleenex tissues.  Her class awesome this morning and I did significantly feel better after.  I also had a much more open mind (and was high on caffeine) at Philosophy class today so I was able to take more in as compared to yesterday.  Amazing, really, what happens when we come to a semi-dreaded class with open minds and hearts.

Getting ready for morning class at the Jungle Room.

Hanging out our mats to dry after class.

Eve and I, on our way back to the room, after morning class.

My cold came back halfway through the day and I managed, not only to fill up half a trash bin of used tissues, but also to run a fever in the middle of Philosophy class in the afternoon.  I told my teacher that I was not feeling very well so she told me to take it easy at yoga class after lecture.  So I did, and took my place at the back most row at class, finding myself in Child's Pose too many times in the whole Standing Series.

The kind lady at Reception arranged for me to take the shuttle after class to buy much needed medicines at the pharmacy nearby.  On my list were Azithromycin, Tylenol and ginger rub.  I also swung by the 711 next door to get those Hot and Spicy Seaweed packs that Trev made me try yesterday.  I have not stopped thinking about them since then and I am extremely happy that I bought some of my own.  Oh, my simple joys.  They almost always have to be about food.

TT7 at Harreson's gazillion words per minute lecture tonight.

Practice teaching with teddy bears is not a bad idea.

THE Graph.  I love this.  I want a copy of this to stick to my ceiling.

These are some realizations and important points I picked up today:

1.  I like watching my sweat trickle down my ankles at Separate Leg Stretching.  I imagine sweating out all my fears, frustrations and inhibitions and letting all that negative energy get soaked up by my towel.

2.  "When we think we know, we stop learning." -   So comforting.  All this confusion and over soaked sponginess is good because it means I am in the process of learning.  I embrace it.  

3.  My teacher is right.  There is no higher dharma than being a mother.  Mom, if you read this, I love you, very much.

4.  We really ARE what we eat.  "The food eats us, we do not eat our food."  I will expound on this some more when I am not so tired.  

5.  There are still so many good and kind people left in this world.   You will find them in random places like the the grocery or the money changer.

6.  This is such smiley group of people and their smiles are infectious.  The whole world should really smile more and worry less.  Love more and forget about hate.

7.  Harreson can speak a gazillion words per minute.  Amazing.

We all dedicated both classes today to our future students, the students who we will be teaching, guiding, inspiring for the rest of our lives.  This was a perfect idea and I know I will be applying this to every class I take from now on.  Having to practice twice a day can be physically and emotionally draining and I am sure that in the next couple of weeks, I will find myself in class, thinking, "What in the hell am I doing here?"  So this is a good way to keep my practice strong, telling myself that I would want the same from my students.  I am guilty of having those moments when I am so tired so I secretly take a break in the middle of class.  Example:  putting all of my weight on my fingers in Trikonasana or cheating my way throughout the whole Salabasana series, especially when I know the teacher is not watching.  Ultimately, when I am a teacher, I would want my students to be focused, determined, and always ready to give their 100%  every time they come to class.  This thought was an inspiration and it pushed me so much to do well.  Yes, even with snot running down my nose.  So today, my future students, know that my fingers at Triangle were a millimeter above my toes and I was a beautiful, flying 747 at Locust, just like the rest of the trainees. 

I will say goodnight now because I know I will feel so much better in the morning after a nice and long sleep.  We do our first practice teaching session so it is another important day.  Wish me luck, as I feel public speaking fears brewing.

I send giant hugs to my loved ones back home.  I am missing them a little.



  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  2. You are awesome, Ais! :)
    You inspire me and everyone around you :)
    Keep on keeping on! Would love to be in your class one day :)

    Stay happy and smiling :)